AZDS Propel Foundation

The leadership at AZDS, along with a stellar board of innovators and leaders from a variety of industries, has come together to create the AZDS Propel Foundation (AZDS Propel). Propel is a Colorado 501(c)3 public charity that supports arts integration programs across the United States with digital marketing and web development support.  Our first project is the redevelopment of the Arts Integration Solutions (AiS) website and creation of a distribution plan to cultivate new reach and awareness for the services and trainings that AiS provides. AZDS Propel has created this website in order to provide a canvas where educators, artists, and business leaders alike can share ideas and lessons for arts integration.

 AZDS Propel believes that the teaching of the arts in K-12 education fosters advanced thought leadership, ultimately benefitting both the next generation of professionals as well as the future of business. The arts in all forms (theatre, music, dance, classic art, just to name a few) are what allow students to excel in the core subjects (math, science, social studies, literature, and writing) and further allow students to develop socially and become both right-brain and left-brain thinkers.

At AZDS, we use the arts every single day: designing websites, marketing campaigns, branding, and creating beautiful virtual and digital experiences, which is what inspired us to establish AZDS Propel. But even our clients in the hospitality industry are truly practicing a form of theatre every single day. From the moment you step into a hotel, the employees are actors and the managers are the directors. They are orchestrating a symphony of extraordinary service that allows guests to make new memories.

We are truly excited about the creation of this foundation and we are actively searching for new foundations to work with. To find out more about the AZDS Propel Foundation please contact Danielle Skornik at or 303-656-9367.