What AIS Offers

Bring Integrated Learning training to your school

We will work with teachers in your school. We provide professional development training, demonstration and co-teaching, modeling and instructional coaching – in the classroom.

Upon learning to use Integrated Learning strategies, teachers immediately recognize a new level of student engagement in their classrooms. They are thrilled and surprised at the effectiveness of this model, as it invites students to overcome barriers that have seemed intractable. The power of arts integration to help students overcome barriers to learning is a breakthrough for teachers the more they embrace it as a daily classroom practice.

A simple, quick and effective teaching, assessment & integration tool for the classroom:

– any curricular topic
EXPLORE – using the whole human instrument physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially
LEARN – in an engaging, active and enjoyable environment
SHOW – individually, or in groups using a variety of intelligences

- is the perfect mini-assessment tool for test preparation.
- has succeeded with many teachers. (Teacher testimonials available on request.)
- is easy to learn and integrates simple active learning mastery into any curricula area.
 - is empowering students at any skill-level to show what they know.
- is successful in creating engagement and enthusiasm in every class.
- is effective with individuals, small groups and the whole class.
- is successful in enabling students to demonstrate their knowledge to you.

- new pathways to academic enjoyment,
- reduction in absenteeism and behavior issues,
­- and improvement in student achievement.
(Research-based (test scores are available on request).

Integrated Learning has been successful in all schools, where applied, whether Inner City, Special Education, English Language Learning, Border, Reservation, or Rural regardless of socio-economic background.

For Teachers          

INTEGRATED LEARNING is designed to provide teachers with a unique,
everyday tool to assess the learning of their students.    

INTEGRATED LEARNING is grounded in research, multiple intelligences, cooperative learning, sign systems, arts integration and whole-child engagement.

INTEGRATED LEARNING teaches public speaking skills, reinforces the “Six Traits of Writing”, 21st Century Skills, vocabulary development, organization, memory improvement, science, math, social studies, thinking on your feet and critical and creative thinking.

 INTEGRATED LEARNING enhances valuable school time.
Your agenda, as a teacher, will be strengthened by this tool:.which includes lesson design that fosters: comparison, classification, innovation, sequencing, movement, cause/effect, patterning, webbing, analogies, deductive and inductive reasoning, forecasting, planning, hypothesizing, critiquing...

INTEGRATED LEARNING provides your students with:
Curriculum mastery, flexibility, originality, fluency, elaboration, strategic planning, modification, imagery, design, creative and critical thinking, listing, energized relationships...

Program Costs



                       1 INSERVICE to outline program and demonstrate            in-classroom professional development
5 Classroom visits with 5 teachers


$500 a day x 5 teachers
$100 x 1 Inservice

The outcome is that teachers experience the power of Integrated Learning to engage students in learning of all academic subjects as well as the full range of arts and that they understand that arts integration skills and methods are accessible to them. It's simply a matter of their finding the place in their lessons where arts integration strategies are most impactful. With arts integration teachers are changing their classroom practice forever. A common statement from teachers even after just one day of professional development: "I will never teach the old way again."